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About 1 One Tough Mama

It all started with an experience, not an easy one either. Through good faith, prayers, and most importantly, support, Suzanna Webb could hold her strength through something no mother should go through - leukemia. Suzanna is a mother of three beautiful children; Isabel, Jasmine, and Levi. Levi was just two years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. As a mother handling her two daughters going through puberty and high school and then a two-year-old back in and out of the hospital, she learned a lot of lessons and was given love and support along the way.


Suzanna’s vision is to bring that love, support, and insight to other moms going through similar matters by hosting a community of brave and tough mamas. As women, we do, we feel, we work, and we are expected to hold our poise at the end of the day. Let us be the first to congratulate mamas on their strength and give a big air-five to all mamas, no matter where they are in the process.


Sorry dads, but this resource is just for the mamas! Mama deserves her own thing! She wants these mamas to understand that while their child is a superhero, the mama will always be One Tough Mama.

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